Kumbee 2 Hammer-500x500
Kumbee 2 Hammers-500x500Kumbee 2 Parts-500x500Kumbee Breaker Plate-500x500Kumbee Breaker Plts-500x500Kumbee Wear Liner-500x500Pivit Pin-500x500

Kumbee Wear Parts

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies stock a large range of wear spares to suit the following Kumbee impact crushers, Kumbee 1, & Kumbee 2

Our Hammers (Blow Bars) & Impact parts are manufactured in 27% chrome,  & white iron & we currently have stock of full breaker plates, half breaker plates,
hammers,  shanks and pins to suit both machines.

We are proud to be able to say that our wear parts are proven to out perform many other suppliers parts, offering genuine life cost savings versus cheaper alternatives.

New Product Up Date:

Sold 1/2 Breaker Plates, Last Longer & Less down time

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