MS80 Mobile Redial Stockpiler (4)-500x500
MS80 Mobile Redial Stockpiler (1)-500x500MS80 Mobile Redial Stockpiler (2)-500x500MS80 Mobile Redial Stockpiler (5)-500x500MS80 Mobile Redial Stockpiler (6)-500x500MS80 Mobile Redial Stockpiler (7)-500x500

MS80-36 Stockpiler

MS80-36 Stockpiler 

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Purpose designed to produce impressive stockpiling capacities with large stockpile volumes, the MS80 has been designed with productivity, mobility and minimising operators’ costs in mind.

The MS80 wheeled stockpiling conveyor is designed and manufactured to deal with increased production capacity and to facilitate larger stockpiles. The MS80 stockpile conveyor is the most cost effective and efficient way of stockpiling material on the market today.

The radial stockpile feature on the MS80 reduces on site material handling by eliminating the need for continuous movement of material by wheeled loaders. The MS80 is designed to work in conjunction with; Screeners, Crushers, Shredders and Washing Equipment.

• Massive stockpiling capacities with optional windrow feature available
• Impressive radial stockpiling capacities
• Superb manoeuvrability around site
• Designed for quick and efficient transportation
• Unique long life, low maintenance design
• Optional power sources -Diesel, Direct Electric,Hydraulic/Coupling, Dual Power (Diesel Electric/Mains Electric)
• Can be coupled to any Crusher, Screen, Shredder or Wash Plant
• Rapid on site set-up time
• Eliminates need for wheel loaders to build stockpiles, reducing labour and maintenance costs
•  Global After Sale Support

Belt width:900mm (36”) / 1200mm (48”)
Belt length:47m 100mm (154’ 6”)
Drive Drum Diameter:291m (11”)
Tail Drum Diameter:277mm (11”)

Engine Power@2200 RPM:CAT2.2 -31KW (51HP) CAT2.2 Turbo – 42KW (68HP)
Diesel Tank Size:72 LTR / 19USG
Hydraulic Tank Size:235 LTR / 62USG

Type:7.5KW (10HP)/30KW (50HP)
Motor RPM:1400RPM
Gearbox Torque:Up to 5000Nm

Length:10m 535mm (34’7”)
Width:2m 294mm (7’ 6”)
Height:2m 311mm (7’ 7”)

Length:24384mm (80’)
Width:3879mm (12’9”)
Height:11521mm (37’10”)
Standard Weight:7000KG (7.7US Tons)

Max Feed Size:300mm Piece size (12”)
Belt Speed:Variable
Max Operating Angle:28º
Tonnage:Up to 1227T per/hour

Tyres:8 Stud 275mm PCD Tyre & Rim

Capacity: 1.2m³

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