Capping Rubber 10MMLL-500x500
Capping Rubber 10MMLL (2)-500x500RS 12mm Flat Top Capping (4)-500x500RS Capping Rubber-500x500RS U02-Poly 10MMLL Capping Poly (2)-500x500RS U02-Poly 10MMLL Capping Poly (3)-500x500

Screen Deck Capping Rubber

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies capping rubber is a specifically designed rubber extrusion used to protect the top of the steel stringer bars that support the rubber screen cloth in vibrating screens.

This rubber cap prevents the underside of the screen cloth from excessive wear or damage from the string bar and also protects the stringer bar itself.

ACMS capping rubber is made from a high grade EPDM rubber compound specifically designed to have excellent wear and impact resistance.

The type of capping rubber used should be based on the duty of the application and also the stringer bar size.

NEW: Now in stock POLY Capping ! Stronger, longer lasting !

Part#    Description Roll                                               Length  Weight
CR01   Capping Rubber 12mm Square top long leg   20 mts  1.5 kg / mtr
CR02   Capping Rubber  9mm Round top long leg     20 mts  1.2 kg / mtr
CR05   Capping Rubber 12mm Round top short leg   20 mts  0.7 kg / mtr
CR06   Capping Rubber 10mm Round top short leg   20 mts  0.5 kg / mtr
CR07   Capping Rubber 16mm Square top long leg   20 mts  1.2 kg / mtr


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