K Wedge Bolts: M20 & M16
K Wedge Bolts: M20 & M16

K Wedge Bolts: M20 & M16

ACMS K-Wedge Bolt Screen Tensioning System,
Takes the hard work out of screen mesh changes and cut downtime.
Increase productive maintenance hours by decreasing the time taken to change screen mesh.
Many of Australia’s largest quarries and mines have changed to the wedge tensioning system.
Screen changes can be carried out safely, quickly and efficiently.
Only a hammer is required to tension or remove the screen mesh.
The system can be used on any type of screen media.
Re-tensioning after running can be checked quickly to obtain long screen life and maintain screening efficiency.
No machine modifications are necessary to fit.
• Fast screen change
• Correct tension
• Re-Useable
• No modifications
• Efficient

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