Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies have available high quality Chain to suit most Crushers & Screens.

Our Chains are engineered to minimize fly rock and to assist in wear reduction, chain curtain at the feed opening will aid in eliminating rock ejection.

We also stock a wide range of Herc alloy chain, Mining Chain, Lift & Tie down chains.


Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies stock a broad range of Conveyor Belt Fasteners and Fastener Installation Tools. We have a number of different brand name Conveyor Belt Fastener and Fastener Installation Tools and at competitive prices with excellent availability.

We supply Conveyor Belt Fasteners in a number of ways:
•By the full box or pack
•A complete fastener for a specific belt width for you to install into your belt
•By contracting ACMS serviceman to install a fastener into your own belt, or a belt  supplied by us.

Please ask about our ranger of Lacers to suit our belt clips, great way to save money, Clip & Install you own belts.

Dont Forget we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All our servicemen are competent, skilled & committed to providing timely, fast & quality work.


Eli-Flex FR909 N60 Rubber Repair Kits

Eli-Flex belt repair is now stocked at Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies

Products: Eli-flex Conveyor Belt Repair & Eli-Flex Conveyor Belt & Rubber repair

Eli-Flex FR909/N60 is a two-part polyurethane resin, formulated to effect quick and easy repairs to damaged conveyor belting and other rubber components.

The product Eli-Flex has enjoyed rapid growth across a wide range of industries.

Eli-Flex attributes
Quick setting
Easy to use twinpack mixing & application system
Excellent flexibility
High tear & impact-resistance
Good wear & abrasion-resistance
Broad spectrum chemical protection
Flame retardant
Low irritation potential
No special tools or skills required
Environmentally friendly handling properties
Can be shipped / transported easly and quickley
Safe to air freight (not a Dangeious goods)

Is also available in liquid and paste versions

Conveyor Belt Applications

Eli-Flex can be used on all types of rubber and PVC belts. This includes fabric carcass, steel cable and steel cored belts. Eli-Flex is suitable for repairing holes, tears, splits, rips, gouges, missing filler strips, worn patches, clip joint / fastener sealing, edge repairs, re-building cleats, chevrons and sidewalls, worn drum lagging, roller coatings and friction linings.

Other uses include

Industrial tyre repair, vehicle anti-roll bar repair, general rubber rebuilding, rubber castings, rubber repair, mouldings, cable-entry sealing, marine fender repair, floating hose repair, watertight insulation, expansion joints, anti-vibration pads etc.

K Wedge Bolts: M20 & M16

ACMS K-Wedge Bolt Screen Tensioning System,
Takes the hard work out of screen mesh changes and cut downtime.
Increase productive maintenance hours by decreasing the time taken to change screen mesh.
Many of Australia’s largest quarries and mines have changed to the wedge tensioning system.
Screen changes can be carried out safely, quickly and efficiently.
Only a hammer is required to tension or remove the screen mesh.
The system can be used on any type of screen media.
Re-tensioning after running can be checked quickly to obtain long screen life and maintain screening efficiency.
No machine modifications are necessary to fit.
• Fast screen change
• Correct tension
• Re-Useable
• No modifications
• Efficient

Poly Belt Cleaner

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies manufacture a wear-resistant polyurethane, these poly scraper strips provide long service life. They are manufactured in a wide variety of thickness, widths and lengths for fitting existing or new applications.

The stiffness of the material means that the scraper strip does not bend so a good scraping angle can be maintained throughout its service life.

Please contact our sales team for all your skirking or belt cleaning scraper needs.


Poly Skirting

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies now have available Low Friction Poly Skirting in 15m Long Rolls,
We stock the following sizes:

100mm Wide x 12mm thick
150mm Wide x 12mm thick
200mm Wide x 12mm thick

•Moulded construction
•Tapered end
•Ideal for Feeder belts on Screens and Cone Crushers
•Ideal for high impact areas under Jaw/Impact Crushers
•Lasts up to *10 times as long as rubber skirting (*subject to conditions and installation etc).


Screen Deck Capping Rubber

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies capping rubber is a specifically designed rubber extrusion used to protect the top of the steel stringer bars that support the rubber screen cloth in vibrating screens.

This rubber cap prevents the underside of the screen cloth from excessive wear or damage from the string bar and also protects the stringer bar itself.

ACMS capping rubber is made from a high grade EPDM rubber compound specifically designed to have excellent wear and impact resistance.

The type of capping rubber used should be based on the duty of the application and also the stringer bar size.

NEW: Now in stock POLY Capping ! Stronger, longer lasting !

Part#    Description Roll                                               Length  Weight
CR01   Capping Rubber 12mm Square top long leg   20 mts  1.5 kg / mtr
CR02   Capping Rubber  9mm Round top long leg     20 mts  1.2 kg / mtr
CR05   Capping Rubber 12mm Round top short leg   20 mts  0.7 kg / mtr
CR06   Capping Rubber 10mm Round top short leg   20 mts  0.5 kg / mtr
CR07   Capping Rubber 16mm Square top long leg   20 mts  1.2 kg / mtr


Screen Deck Clamp Bars

We stock a range of clamp bars to suit most of the mobile and static screens decks avalable.

  • Powerscreen
  • Finlay
  • McCloskey
  • Striker
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Fintec
  • Maximus
  • OM

Just to name a few.

Our blank clamp bars are made from a high quality steel & are 6mm thick, we can also punch holes to suit if required.

Our stock includes the following sizes, but we can custom make any size to suit your requirment.

1220 x 6mm
1520 x 6mm
1830 x 6mm
2440 x 6mm


Screen Tension Bolts

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies have a great range of Screen Deck accessories, one of our product range includes the

tension Bolt & Spring, & we stock these in black high quality steel.

Sizes available are:

M20 x 200

M16 x 150


Skirting Rubber Products

Conveyor Skirting Rubber & Poly

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies is your one stop shop for all your Skirting products.

Its always a challenge to contain spillage and control dust on conveyors and at the transfer point.

Correctly fitted skirting material will greatly help in dust suppression and controlling spillage.

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies is a well recognised industry leader in conveyor skirting products.

We have the knowledge, supply partners and product range to offer the widest range and most cost effective
Conveyor Belt Skirting solutions in the bulk materials handling industry.

From traditional low cost skirt rubber in a range of widths and thicknesses, we can solve your skirt sealing problems.

We have available for immediate delivery our highly regarded Polyurethane, Bonded Rubber & Natural Rubber Skirting range.

The benefits of our polyurethane skirting are now well proven right accross Australia and have proven to
significantly last longer and lower friction thereby definitely reduce belt damage and lower your maintenance and spillage.

So Why not use our industry knowledge and specific product range, to achieve the most cost effective and practical approach to
solving all your Conveyor Belt Skirt issues.


Spray Nozzles Cobra Head

Used for washing suppressing dust or directing material flow. The fan shapped spray forms a curtain of water that distributes a high volume of water at 120 degrees evenly for a variety of applications over the production or screening surface.

We also supply a range of coloured coded nozzels for different aperture sizes.

White: 3mm

Green: 5mm

Blue: 7mm

Yellow: 9mm

Red: 11mm


Spray Nozzles

ACMS keep a good range of Spray Nozzles in stock and specialise in mobile
crushing & screener dust suppression.

Delavan eyelets offer the most economical method of attaching
spray nozzles to pipe systems

Easy installation;
Drill pipe or tube and clamp on eyelet
Our Spray nozzles deliver high flow rate with
minimum pressure drop.

Varied outlet sizes accept all standard flanged nozzle tips and
filters or special swivel nozzles design provided leak-proof service

Construction and Materials:
One-piece design, hinged bridge, locking screw polypropylene/Nylon

These nozzels are very suited to the following crushers and screeners



V Belts

Classic V belts (enveloped)
POWERMAKE V belts are produced under the most rigorous quality control, which guarantees long life span and resistance to oil. REXON keeps an inventory of a variety of lengths of the following profiles:
A (15 to 237 inches); B(22 to 159 inches); C (39 to 480 inches); D (75 to 660 inches) and E (144 to 660 inches). Other lengths can be ordered and will be promptly produced and distributed.

Classic V belts (toothed)
Produced from special raw material, POWERMAKE “D” belts offer the best pulley-belt adjustment, allowing smaller curvature radiuses and helping in the dissipation of heat generated by the transmission system itself Systems that already use POWERMAKE belts do not need to be altered for the use of POWERMAKE “D” REXON keeps in inventory a varied set of lengths of the following profiles: AX (22 to 122 inches); BX (28 to 120 inches) and CX (51 to 120 inches). Lengths that are not in our inventory, as well as the DX line, can be made to order.

V belts (trimmed edge)
Produced for transmission systems that operate in limited space, high rotation transmissions and powerful engines. These are belts that are smaller than the conventional ones. HIGHT V line complies with American standards (RMA MPTA) with the following belts: 3V/5V/8V (in inches) and the METRIC LINE complies with European standards with the following belts: SPZISPA/SPB/SPC (metric).

Dented V belts (trimmed edge)
Produced from special raw material, POWERMAKE “D” belts offer the best pulley belt adjustment, allowing smaller curvature radiuses, helping in the dissipation of heat generated by the transmission system itself and reducing the systems weight. Systems that already use HIGHT V and METRIC LINE belts do not need to be altered for the use of HIGHT V “D” and METRIC LINE “D” BELTS. REXON keeps in inventory a varied set of lengths of the following profiles: 3VX (25 to 140 inches); 5VX (50 to 224 inches); 8VX (100 to 212 inches), SPZX (643 to 3563 mm); SPAX (750 to 3768 mm) and SPBX (1250 to 4000 mm). Lengths that are not in our inventory, as well as the SPCX line, can be made to order.

Fractional belts
Produced according to American RMA-MPTA standards, MACHINE POWER belts solve the problems of reduced space transmission and high curvature radiuses. They offer a small arch of contact with the pulley, reduction of diameter and they eliminate the need for pre-tensioning. REXON keeps an inventory of a varied set of lengths of the following profiles: 3L (11 to 74 inches); 4L (15 to 100 inches) and 5L (23 to 100 inches). Lengths that are not in our inventory can be made to order.

V belts with intermediate layer
A special layer, resulting in systems with up to 20 ridges unites TORK-BAND belts. They are produced in A, B, C, D profiles (TORK-BAND POWERMAKE) and 3V, 5V and 8V (TORK-BAND HEIGHT-V that allow equalized wear out in the system and reduction of vibration. REXON keeps in inventory a varied set of lengths of the following profiles: A (60 to 237 inches; B (60 to 315 inches); C (76 to 420 inches); D (90 to 600 inches); 3V (60 to 140 inches); 5V (67 to 355 inches) and 8V (100 to 500 inches). Lengths that are not in our inventory can be made to order.

Double V hexagonal belts
Double V hexagonal belts meet the needs of parallel axis systems, offering flexibility in the longitudinal direction and rigidity in the transversal direction. REXON keeps in inventory a variety of lengths of the following profiles: AA (51 to 128 inches); BB (43 to 300 inches) and CC (81 to 420 inches). Lengths that are not in inventory can be made to order.

Poli-V belts
POLIRIB belts are cutting edge products that allow a great reduction of the space required by the transmission system, smaller pulleys and high speeds and uniform weight distribution in the belts width. They can be produced in rubber or PU with tensile cords in kevlar, glass fiber or steel. REXON keeps in inventory a variety of lengths of the following profiles: PH/H, PJ/J, PK/K and PL/L. Lengths or materials that are not in inventory as well as the PM/M line can be made to order.